Fiscal benefits

Royal Decree 17/2020, of May 5, is approved, which increases the tax incentives for crowdfunding, which will be applied to donations made by Personal Income Tax taxpayers and by Non-Resident Income Tax taxpayers operating in Spanish territory without a permanent establishment, with effect from January 1, 2020, and which leaves the deductions in these percentages:

Individuals personal income tax, basis of deduction.

80% for First 250€ donated.

40% for The rest donated.

45% for The rest donated if you have donated before to the same entity.

The deduction basis may not exceed 10% of the net tax base.

Legal persons (corporate taxes), basis of deduction.

40% If it has not been donated to the same entity.

50% If you have donated to the same entity for two years.

Deductions made by non-residents

Taxpayers of Non-Resident Income Tax, who operate in the Spanish territory without a permanent establishment may apply the allowable deduction for natural person donors for any tax returns submitted for taxable events that have occurred within one year from the date of the donation. The deduction basis may not exceed 10% of the tax base for all tax returns presented within that period. Taxpayers paying this tax, who operate through a permanent establishment, may apply the deduction established for legal entity donors.