The mission of the ONCE Foundation is "to contribute to the full social inclusion of people with disabilities, making the principle of equal opportunities and non-discrimination effective". The ONCE Foundation's voluntary work is based on the participation and involvement of social, institutional and economic agents in the common objective of the social inclusion of disabled citizens.

The beneficiaries of our volunteering will be the people with disabilities who demand the benefits and services derived from the programmes that are activated.

The programmes covered by the ONCE Foundation Volunteer Plan are:

  • AWARENESS-RAISING PROGRAMME IN SCHOOLS: We work in schools to raise awareness of the concept of disability, to define the barriers encountered by the different groups in this field and, above all, to jointly propose to the students that they build a way of thinking.
  • COLLABORATION OF THE VOLUNTEERING UNIT WITH THE ASSOCIATIONS OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES AND COMPANIES: The Volunteering and Solidarity Actions Unit of the ONCE Foundation mediates, promotes and links companies with the entities and associations of people with disabilities so that together they can carry out activities that benefit both spheres.
  • COLLABORATION WITH OTHER AREAS OF THE ORGANISATION: The Volunteering and Solidarity Actions Unit participates with other areas of the ONCE Foundation in joint actions.
  • EMPLOYMENT RAINING AND VOLUNTEERING: Support for the employment of people with disabilities, particularly young people, within the framework of the management of the European Social Fund Operational Programme to Combat Discrimination, Xtalento Programme, managed by the ONCE Foundation.
  • ACCOMPANYING AND PSYCHOSOCIAL SUPPORT PROGRAMME: Support programme to facilitate greater independence and personal development of people with disabilities.