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Payroll Rounding

This is a means of collaboration between a private company, its employees and a non-profit entity.

It is called “payroll rounding” since this is one of the most common options for employees who wish to donate the cents of their salaries, so as to keep their salary a whole number in euros. For example, if an employee receives a salary of €1,453.65, the employee can voluntarily donate the 65 cents. However, there are also companies that offer their employees the possibility of donating other amounts that do not exactly match the cents on their pay cheque. For the same example above, the employee could donate €3.65 to round the pay cheque to ten euros.

Furthermore, the company could choose only to manage the collection of its employees' pay cheques or to double this collected amount when the time comes to make the donation. This is known as "matching gift". This option to double the employee contributions is a motivating facet and provides a sense of pride by belonging to the organisation.

The sum of all collected donations goes towards an NGO/Foundation project that the employees have previously voted on. The other way is that there are various solidarity projects that can be supported at the same time.

A payroll rounding scheme provides a great opportunity to generate and share positive values both inside and outside the company. It is also a channel where people inside the company can create a solidarity experience together and express their humanity.

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