Colabora con la Fundación ONCE



How to collaborate


One in five Spanish households has at least one person with disability. However, despite the progress made over recent decades, people with disability remain, for the most part, a vulnerable social group. They experience a multitude of difficulties and face various types of barriers while going about their lives on equal terms in areas such as education, training, employment, culture and leisure, etc.

All of us can change this reality, including public-sector bodies, private entities and individuals like YOU.

The ONCE Foundation and the Æquitas Foundation want to facilitate your collaboration, by suggesting that you leave a LEGACY, written into your WILL, for the ONCE Foundation. This LEGACY will be used specifically to improve the quality of life of people with disability as well as their families, through the implementation of our programmes and pursuits.

The potential beneficiaries of the Foundation are Spanish citizens with physical, intellectual, sensory and mental disability. This includes a broad spectrum of people who benefit directly from the programmes and projects of the ONCE Foundation, including children and adults with various types of disabilities as well as their families.






The part of the inheritance that you bestow to the ONCE Foundation will not be applicable to tax, as the Foundation is not subject to the payment of Inheritance and Donations Tax since it is a legal entity.

Additionally, the income that the ONCE Foundation receives from the LEGACY that your bestow will be exempt from Corporation tax because it is a non-profit entity (Law 49/2002).

Most tax regulations are standards that are constantly being amended, so as to adapt to the social, economic or legal needs at all times. For this reason we put at your disposal our Technical Arrangement Office should. Contact with us.