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Image of Lucía, a worker with visual disability, works at Fundación ONCE. COLLABORATE with the ONCE Foundation, employment, accessibility

LUCÍA, a lack of public spiritedness, the worst kind of blindness

Lucía is blind. This is not a reason that stops her from enjoying long walks, doing domestic chores, reading her favourite books or keeping up-to-date with the latest design trends.

Her blindness has not prevented her from occupying managerial positions for her Delegation work at ONCEONCE in Cantabria, while moving through the world of politics and directing the ONCE Guide Dog School in Madrid.

New technologies have been her allies during her personal and professional development.

However, for Lucía the main obstacle is the lack of public spirit.An unmarked ditch, a non-drop kerb or a motorcycle parked in the middle of the sidewalk are barriers that she faces with impotence. The solution is easy, “to value all people equally while taking into account their circumstances”, she advocates.

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