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José Luis Cánovas, worker of ILUNION, business group of the ONCE and its ONCE Foundation. COLLABORATE with the ONCE Foundation, employment, accessibility

José Luis, using the heart to hear

José Luis Cánovas was five years old the first day he did not turn around when his father called him. He was not being rebellious, José Luis was going deaf. Despite his young age, he was able to learn to speak, which has helped him a lot at his place of work.

José Luis is in charge of putting workers with total hearing loss in contact with the rest of their colleagues on the document management platform where he works at the Customer Services Division of ILUNION. José Luis, uses Sign Language to communicate with other deaf people and he can also communicate fluently with those that can hear. He use an adapted phone where he can answer calls at his workplace. For now, the concern of José Luis and his wife is their 6-month-old daughter, Alba. Both their hearing problems prevent them from hearing their baby when it cries.

They do not have a device that could warn them when their baby is crying. For now they have no other choice but to lose sleep, be resourceful and receive the assistance of a home-made sound receiver with a light warning system his brother-in-law had made for them.

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