Frequent questions

Yes, the last will and testament can be amended as many times as you wish.

For an Open Will drawn up by a Notary, the current price is around €60 when it does not exceed 2-3 pages (which is for most cases).

Apart from being able to amend the will as many times as you wish and when you wish, you have the full freedom to enjoy the bequeathed goods and rights until the moment of death: you may sell them, mortgage them, donate them, etc., without having to notify each case, as they are still owned by you.

Making a legacy does not conflict with a donation. Both options allow us to collaborate with those who need us the most. The main difference is that when a legacy is made, the testator cannot not pass on any property or rights until after death. On the other hand, a donation becomes effective the moment of committing with the organisation. The benefit of a legacy is that the owner, apart from not having to deliver the property or right until death, in the event of requiring the bequeathed estate while alive, he or she can full and freely dispose of the property or right.

Yes, you can. Spanish legislation ensures the protection for the part of the inheritance to which the forced heirs are entitled: spouse, children, grandchildren, etc. This does not prevent you from passing onto people outside the family, if that is your wish.

Inheritances and legacies