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MARTA, long-distance race to achieve her goals

Marta day-to-day life is an obstacle course. The lack of oxygen during birth caused brain injury that limits the mobility of her legs. Ever since her crutches have been her traveling companions, the city has become a maze that she has to make her way through on a daily basis. A non-dropped kerb, a bus without a mobile platform, a metro station without a lift - all these limit the regular pace of Marta's life.

Despite these barriers, Marta has finished her primary and university studies in the Canary Islands, and completed an MBA at the Autonomous University of Madrid all with the help she received from FSC Inserta, a programme co-funded by the European Social Fund.

She currently works at the Public Resources department of ILUNION. . Marta gets about just like any other employee. Her office chair is a conventional office chair with wheels. She uses a backpack to carry any documentation while moving around on her crutches.

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