Colabora con la Fundación ONCE



María and Amparo are two mothers that don't even have ten minutes to have a coffee with friends.

María has two children, one of these has lipodystrophy, a rare disease causing a very serious disability. This means that a feeding tube and a respirator are needed the entire day to ensure that her child does not choke.

Amparo goes from one doctor visit to another without the doctors being able to diagnose her daughter. In the meantime she is pregnant with a baby with the same disease. Her partner doesn't wish to be involved. We all need bit of time for ourselves, for a well deserved break.

With your help, we can collect €3,000 to deliver 40 workshops around the country, so that people like María and Amparo, can have a few minutes of rest. Collaborate with ONCE Foundation and FEDER. Your donations will help make the now easier and provide a better future for families with rare diseases.

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