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The ILUNION Sports Club Wheelchair Basketball School is open to people with a recognised disability over the age of 8. The School provides a setting where they can participate and compete on a level playing field; an environment that promotes ability rather than disability.

It currently has 25 students, aged between 9 and 42, although most are teenagers. The school encourages the participation of girls, which currently make up 30% of the students, with various types of disability. (spinal injury, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, etc.).

Everyone is learning to play WCB. They have made many friends who share their enthusiasm and will to improve, teamwork and camaraderie,where they have turned each training session into a school of life.

Why do we need €3000? PTo purchase sports equipment required for training exercises, such as balls, safety straps and slalom cones and spare parts for wheelchairs, such as axles, covers, patches and wheels, etc. As well as the complete training uniform for all students, consisting of a reversible shirt and pants.

SUPPORT the Fundación ONCE. So that adults and children can continue to find a reason to excel through sports.

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