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Did you know that in Spain there are, 420,000 people with brain injury? And did you know that in Spain there are 104,071 new cases every year of this disability in Spain with stroke being the number one cause?

FEDACE is the Spanish Brain Injury Federation. Which brings together people with brain injury and their families who claim their rights to improve their quality of life and to be members of society.

FEDACE promotes this SPACE, a project where people like Pedro, Araceli and Paco create a blogging community to reach out to people like you. At this Space, they tell their stories, learn to browse the Internet and have the opportunity to meet other people with brain injury.

How will we invest the €3,000 we are asking for?  By creating a workshop for people with brain injury on using social media networks. Workshop participants will be able to edit their personal blog and meet people with brain injury from across the country via videoconferences and through collaborative projects.

SUPPORT the ONCE Foundation. Your donations will ensure that this Space will continues for another year and that people with brain injury improve their social lives.

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