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Foundation ONCE Latin America (FOAL)

The hands of these children at El Callao, in Peru, are for more than picking up, holding or caressing. There are 15 people with blindness and deafblindness. They use their hands as a means to have access reading, to understand the world and even to communicate with others.

Now they are learning to work in bakeries and confectionery stores, also using their hands at work. As they learn, they become eager to find out how this training can open doors to the workplace, in a country where only 15 of every 100 people with disability are employed . With this opportunity, self-employment is the most feasible exit point. They have already expressed their idea in a business plan aimed at making snacks for catering business events, public entities, etc.

Support them in getting their business off the ground and the opportunity to move ahead in life, to gain economic independence and to feel able and seen as able.

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